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About Us

Sweets4MySweet is a family-run business in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Established in early 2022 it began as a small business selling sweet gifts to family and friends with the option to select your own pick and mix.

The inspiration came from the 11-year old son in the family, who founded the business so he could enjoy pick and mix sweets without the fear of cross contamination due to his severe Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy as most other suppliers also have nut products (eg. Chocolate coated nuts etc) in their pick and mix, making the risk of cross contamination too high to risk.



We do not buy any products that have nuts contained within the main ingredients and only select products that do not have a may contain advisory. Although it is not a legal requirement to put a cautionary ‘May contain’ allergen statement on the products, we purchase from reputable brands that do use cautionary statements when required. This allows you to select your own pick and mix sweets and not be stuck with the same boring type each time, in the safest way possible. Enjoy!

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Since then we have expanded into an online shop selling a range of products we are delighted to bring to our customers. As a business who prides itself on customer satisfaction, we listen to those who visit our shop and interact with our social media platforms and would always consider stocking items that you would like to see.

We hold a large range of pick and mix sweets so you can find all your favourites with something to suit every taste. we also look out for seasonal options so you can be sure our range is fresh and relevant.

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